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First things first
About JeFirst Financial

It's not your fault you don't know how to handle money.  Did anybody ever teach you?  Probably not!

They taught you how to get a job, how to make money but not how to handle money when you got it.

JeFirst (as in "Jesus First") Financial Services was founded by our President and Chief Executive Officer, W. Timothy Bailey, FLMI.  He is passionate about helping clients find biblical answers to their financial challenges.

Mr. Bailey has worked in the financial industry for over 25 years.  His professional experience includes expertise in Financial Services, Insurance, Investments and Mortgages.  He has earned the prestigious FLMI designation from the Life Office Management Association and successfully completed the Crown Financial Ministries Stewardship Biblical Financial Study Course.  Bailey has served as a workshop facilitator, budget counselor and has hosted live radio broadcasts on various financial topics.  Additionally, he is the Founder and Chairman of the Board of Directors of the 
Bailey Christian Education Fund.  His first book on personal finance, Foundations for Financial Fitness was published in 2011 and is now available though various retailers including Outskirts Press,, Barnes&Noble and Books-A-Million..

Not only does Mr. Bailey draw from his professional training, he speaks from his personal experience.  He has learned from periods of gainful employment, unemployment, under-employment, single income and no income.  "I've been through times with a lot of debt and I've been through times with almost no debt.  Through it all, God has given grace to be content in whatever state I've been."


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